Village Officials & Committees

Dave Leshinski  (440) 986-8221  Cell (440) 714-4247 (Term expires 12/31/2019)

Fiscal Officer:
Michelle Henke  (440) 986-2222     (Appointed)

Records Clerk:
Laurie Beran     (Appointed)

Council Members:
Council President: Bob James   (440) 370-5183   (Term expires 12/31/2021)

Stuart Jones             (440) 986-3222          (Term expires 12/31/2021)

Dennis Burdue        (440) 986-6339           (Term expires 12/31/2021)

Jeri Leigh  Siss        (440) 610-2403           (Term expires 12/31/2021)

David Troike           (440) 986-0774            (Term expires 12/31/2019)

Jed Willis                (440) 670-2583            (Term expires 12/31/2019)

Village fax number:  440-986-2270 

Law Director:
Michelle Nedwick

Tax Administrator:
John Peck (440) 988-2877

Village Engineer:
Bramhall Engineering and Surveying Company
Aaron Appell, P.E. CPESC
(440) 934-7878 Ext 132

Police Chief:
Michael Frazier (440) 986-8118

Fire Chief:
Al Schmitz (440) 986-5901

Zoning Inspector:
Randy Riley (440) 986-2202

South Amherst Planning & Appeals Board:
Mayor Dave Leshinski, Chairman (440) 986-8221
Bob James, Secretary
Thomas Hauck
Paul Knott
Zoltan Zoltai

Residential & Commercial Building & Electrical Coordinator:
SAFEbuilt 1-440-899-3400

Steve Vogel, Building Official

Cemetery Board of Trustees:
Samantha Rivera    (Chairperson)               (Term expires 12/31/2021)
Rosemary Leshinski                                    (Term expires 12/31/2020)
Jessica Beran                                               (Term expires 12/31/2022)

Cemetery Clerk:
Jeanne Maschari (440) 986-2202  ext 4

Board of Public Affairs & Utilities: 
James Balog                         (Term expires 12/31/2019)                                              
David Faight                        (Term expires 12/31/2019)
Dean Nichols                       (Term expires 12/31/2021)

Water Clerk:
Jeanne Maschari (440) 986-7491

Park Board:
Jessica Beran                       (Term expires 12/31/2022
Laurie Beran                       (Term expires 12/31/2021)
Sara Lalonde                       (Term expires 12/31/2021)

Recreation Board:
Tracey Newman - President/Secretary              (Term expires 12/31/2021)
Dave Moore - Vice President                            (Term expires 12/31/2018)
Howard Rinehart - Personnel Dir.                    (Term expires 12/31/2019)
Loren Standen - Treasurer                                (Term expires 12/31/2018)
Jeff Metzger - Head Umpire                             (Term expires 12/31/2021)

Volunteer Fire Dependence Board:
Mayor, Dave Leshinski                                   (Term expires 12/31/2019)
John Crawford                                                 (Term expires 12/31/2018)
Dennis Hevener                                               (Term expires 12/31/2018)
Jeri Leigh Siss                                                 (Term expires 12/31/2018) 
David Troike                                                   (Term expires 12/31/2018)

Committees 2018

Chair:  Robert James 
            Jeri Leigh Siss, David Troike, Jed Willis

Chair:  Robert James
            Stuart Jones, David Troike, Jed Willis

Chair:  David Troike
            Robert James, Staurt Jones, Jed Willis

Chair:  Jed Willis
            Dennis Burdue, Donna Hauck, Staurt Jones, David Troike

Building & Grounds:

Chair:  David Troike
            Dennis Burdue, Jerri Leigh Siss

Information Technology sub-division of Buildings & Grounds:
Chair:  David Troike
            Mark Leshinski

Chair:  Dennis Burdue
             Bob James, Jeri Leigh Siss

Board of Public Affairs & Utilities:
Liaison:  Robert James
            Stuart Jones

Liaison:  Stuart Jones
            Jed Willis

Liaison:  Dennis Burdue
            Stuart Jones

Liaison:  Jerri Leigh Siss 
            Jed Willis