Water Dept.


2019 Water Meter Project Information :  

It's time to spread the word. What's that? The South Amherst Board of Public Affairs has approved a new meter reading program and everyone's water meter will be replaced at no cost to the homeowner. This is a robust program that will help determine if you have a water loss and allow us to serve you better. The project is just getting started and scheduling requests will be out sometime in the first quarter of this year. We will be posting information around town, on our webpage, and on Facebook. We look forward to working with you over the next few months to complete this project.

Update 2019 Water Meter Project Information :  

You should be receiving a letter from NECO, the installation company to get your meter installation scheduled.  Please watch for it in the mail and contact NECO at the phone number provided in the letter.

A few questions came up from our residents that I would like to address:

Any issues you have with poor reception of cellular service will not have an impact on the auto read device.

Valves are the responsibility of the homeowner.  If you know your is broken, repairs should be made before the installation of the new meter.

Pipes in the walls from old gas services will not interfere with the auto read function.

Other electronics do not interfere with the auto read function.

They have flexible scheduling.

Back up plan is that the meter works just like a regular meter.  The water clerk will review all the readings that come in and she is familiar with your usage.  If there are any large differences, they will be followed up with a visit from our operator who reads the meters on a regular basis.

Water Administration and Supplier Information :  

The Board of Public Affairs administers the South Amherst water system, including billing and repair of water lines located on public property.  Village water is delivered to us by the Rural Lorain County Water System.  For information regarding the system or for turn-on and turn-off requests, please call the Board of Public Affairs Clerk at 440-986-7491.

For Water Emergencies, please contact Mayor Leshinski at 440-986-8221 or 440-714-4247.

EXCITING NEWS!  You may now pay your Village of South Amherst water bills right here on our village website just by clicking the "Pay Now" button below.  This will take you to our payment website to set up your bank account information to utilize this feature.  If you have any questions, please call us at 440-986-2222.  This is a new feature for us, and we hope that you find this helpful.  To pay your bill, simply click the "Pay Now" button below. 


Water payments can also be paid at the following:

  •  South Amherst Village Hall
  •  Piggy's Main Street Market
  •  Drug Mart on Leavitt Road in Amherst or Oberlin

It may be necessary for us to contact you from time to time.  Please let us know if your contact information changes. 

Quality of water

We are required to publish a report annually about the quality of our water.  It is called a CCR Report.  Please click the link below to obtain a copy of the report.

 CCR Report 2017

Scheduled meter reading dates

Due to the new meter reading program, scheduled reading times have not been determined for 2019.  They generally start around the 13th of each month and continue for about six days.  We will likely be manually reading meters for the first two or three months.  Our new program will allow us to get all the readings in one day and upload them into our billing software.  We are excited about this new change and will do our best to keep you informed.

Water Advisories:  

Currently there are no boil alerts.

 10/29/2018 The water at South Amherst Middle School has been tested for bacteria and lab results are negative for Total Coliform and E Coli.  We also tested the chlorine levels and they were well within the standards for drinking water.  

Current Advisories:  If you are under a boil alert, you should boil water vigorously for one minute for water used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, making ice, or other consumption.  You do not need to boil water for bathing, washing dishes, laundry or other external uses.  If your water is brown, orange, or yellow, you may not want to do laundry.  If your laundry is discolored from brown water, you may try to use a product called Iron Out.